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Traveling Zouk

by Seanta Reyes on April 12, 2019

Seeing, and traveling the world is one of the most enticing things anyone can ever experience. Sometimes, being thousands of miles away from home is just what one needs to experience their own sense of bliss. One thing that can be said of Filipinos is that we love being in the company of our family and friends in another country. Being in a new place usually motivates one to look their best, in order to capture the whole experience of being abroad. Wearing Zouk allows you to look your best in whichever country you decide to visit. There can be times when dressing in style means sacrificing comfort, but wearing Zouk can bring you the package of both style and comfort. The Erin top and the Sofia top are two tops that are simple yet practical because they are something you can wear for a morning stroll and a fancy dinner in the city. If you’re looking for the complete outfit, the Bianca pants suit the tops the best. Whether you choose the Erin top or the Sofia top, this look gives the wearer an opportunity to look simple and chic yet gives off a dashing first impression. Another perfect outfit that can be worn during ones trip is the Caroline dress. The Caroline dress is a simple and easy outfit because you don’t have to take the time to match a top with a bottom from your suitcase, instead, one glance at the dress and you can pull it right over you in an instant. Another flattering piece from Zouk is the Jean dress. Since this is a spin off of the Sofia top, comfort is definitely ensured. This dress isn’t only perfect for leisure trips, but for business trips as well. What better way to hop from meeting to meeting in a comfortable yet stylish dress? The Martine top is one of the newest products for the season. It comes in two colors, beige, and the color of the year which is coral. This top gives off a more sophisticated look, which goes well with any type of bottom, perfect for a night out around the country’s metropolitan area. Being equipped with the right clothes when traveling is something you will never regret. Dressing Zouk is what it means to dress in style. Not only does Zouk embody effortlessly chic everyday wear, but effortless chic travel wear perfect for the modern Filipina.








Sofia Top

Erin Top  

Bianca Pants

Caroline Dress

Jean Dress







Jean Dress


Martine Top